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DAY 1 |
ArtIfiCIal intelligence DAY

2 December 2020

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How AI is Disrupting the Insurance Industry and Helping Customers Become Healthier

Achieving Autonomous Intelligence with Embedded Machine Learning: An adaptive Self-Adjusting Manufacturing Process

AI in Automotive Application Systems

Bringing AI to the Shopfloor

Successful Use Case Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Steel Industry

Proceduralizing AI Ethics and Trustworthiness : the Rolls-Royce Journey

CargO2AI: Port of Montreal Turning to AI in its Fight Against COVID-19

Machine Learning to the Extreme: Teaching AI to Sail

Explainable AI: Cutting Edge Developments for Dependable IoT Systems

From Automation to Autonomous Things

AI in Manufacturing – How to Drive Sustainable Value at Scale / Digital Transformation of the Steel Industry

AI and COVID-19 Pandemic: How Businesses are Adapting to the New Normal

Artificial Intelligence Industry Ecosystem and Standards Landscape

Smart Attack: The Role of Cognitive Systems as Business Intelligence Enablers

Accelerating Industrial Digital Transformation using AI

DAY 2 |
digital twin day

3 december 2020

Out-of-the-Box Production Line Monitoring

Understanding And Enabling A Digital Twin

Digital Twins: Why Now?

Digital Twins Improve Productivity in Commodity Handling

Optimizing Wind Turbine Output with Digital Twins in Europe’s 2nd Largest Port

How Digital Security Twins Unlocked Transformation in Building Access Control

Improve Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance Outcomes by Applying Simulation-Based Digital Twins

Exploring Digital Twin: Taxonomy, Terminology and Enabling Technologies

From Design to Construction to Operations: Bolstering the Value of Your Industrial Assets with Digital Twins

Back to School: Digital Twins for Student Remote Lab Experience

A Digital Twin Is…

Digital Twin Solutions for Greater Efficiency, Sustainability and Optimized Tenant Experience

Bricks and Bytes – How Data is the New Mortar in the Property Management Portfolio

Digital Twin Lifecycle: A Panel Discussion

A Picture Paints 1000 Words: Lessons Learned on the Western Sydney Spatial Twin Project

The Rise of the Digital Twin Economy


Analytical pre-processing of large volumes of sensor data. Use case – CAF

Organized by: TECNALIA

AI of Things. Forget the data, get the knowledge

Organized by:

A Practical Roadmap to Adopting Edge AI

Organized by: IoT ONE

Using AI for Emotion Recognition. Detection Emotions of Viewers at a TV Studio Being Broadcasted Life.

Organized by: Open Mind Fundation

GATEKEEPER Open Call Launch

Organized by: Innova European projects - Gatekeeper project

The Impact of IoT and AI on smart agriculture

Organized by: Fundació i2CAT & IoT Catalan Alliance

Using Connected Intelligence To Create a More Sustainable World

Organized by: Industrial Talk Podcast

The Perfect Storm: Threats and Risks IN the Cloud, FROM the Cloud, THROUGH the Cloud

Organized by: Ministry for Digital Policy and Public Administration. Government of Catalonia

How is Incident response doing in the XXIst Century (or COVID era)

Organized by: Ministry for Digital Policy and Public Administration. Government of Catalonia

Disposable Identities and Digital Twins

Organized by: IoT Council

How cybersecurity and IT coordinate in the new digital paradigm

Organized by: Ministry for Digital Policy and Public Administration. Government of Catalonia

'Lifelike' twin. Real-world, 3d representation of facilities and its function

Organized by: Etalon Association