Siemens Advanced Flow (AdvFlow): Optimizing material flow in production and logistics

Siemens IoT has developed a cloud-based software solution for optimizing material flow in production and logistics: “Advanced Flow (AdvFlow)”.

The solution considers for example order data and the live state of assembly lines to turn an improved material flow into cost savings or higher production throughput. It dynamically adapts to changes on the asset and ensures optimal scheduling and order management at all times.

AdvFlow addresses the problem of traditional production planning being inflexible to disturbances on the asset. Additionally, it analyzes and reduces idle times of production items and stations.

AdvFlow follows a unique data-driven approach being easily integrated into current IT- and automation landscape without requiring any physical changes to the asset. The solution uses adaptable optimization algorithms that allow for on-the-fly changes in optimization strategies, such as increasing throughput or being more cost efficient.

The material flow optimization with AdvFlow enables plant and production leaders with an efficient and flexible way to speed up their production and meet their business goals.

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