Bo Ribbing

Strategic Program Director - IoT Unit | Ericsson Stockholm, Sweden
Bo Ribbing


Since 2011, Bo Ribbing is in leading roles driving the creation and growth of Ericsson's IoT Accelerator offering. Available from 30+ MNO partners around the world, it enables enterprises to manage global IoT connectivity efficiently. Ribbing (M.Sc. Appl. Phys.) has broad international experience.


Parallel Session | Congress Buildings & Infrastructure

BI-04 – Connecting Smart Infrastructure: Panel Discussion

Beverly Rider
Beverly Rider Hitachi SVP & Chief Commercial Officer
Tobin Richardson
Tobin Richardson Zigbee Alliance President
Charles Paumelle
Charles Paumelle LoRa Alliance Co-Founder, Microshare and Co-Chair Marketing
Bo Ribbing
Bo Ribbing Ericsson Strategic Program Director - IoT Unit
Kimberly Green-Kerr
Kimberly Green-Kerr Sprint Executive Vice President, Sprint Business

29-10-2019 12:05 29-10-2019 12:50 Europe/Madrid BI-04 – Connecting Smart Infrastructure: Panel Discussion

There are several networking wireless technologies that drive and connect smart infrastructure and cities, from transport systems, smart buildings and spaces, energy and security. IoT, including telemetry and control data, adds requirements to existing technologies that were not built with IoT in mind. How will the technologies of the future meet this need? In this session we explore several such networking technologies and explore their applicability to various use cases. Panelists will cover technologies such as LoRaWAN, 5G, and Zigbee.

Room 3
Tue 29 12:05h - 12:50h Room 3