Chris Pendleton

Head of Azure Maps | Microsoft Redmond, United States of America
Chris Pendleton


Chris Pendleton is the Program Manager Lead for Azure Maps at Microsoft. As a veteran in the mapping industry whose 20+ years of experience spans across a multitude of disciplines, he has led the shipment of dozens of Microsoft products.


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CT-07 – Harnessing the Power of the Location of Things

Chris Pendleton
Chris Pendleton Microsoft Head of Azure Maps

30-10-2019 13:50 30-10-2019 14:35 Europe/Madrid CT-07 – Harnessing the Power of the Location of Things

With an ever-increasing number of “things” connecting to the Internet, we now have access to an overwhelming amount of data – especially location data. Whether your “things” are fixed sensors on a factory floor or mobile devices such as vehicles or drones, spatial context is critical for unlocking insights and providing actionable business value. The Location of Things (LoT) represents the new market opportunities that are unlocked from harnessing real-time contextual and proximity intelligence in IoT applications. With scenarios spanning indoor mapping, vehicle management, asset monitoring and much, much more, understanding the insights your location data can provide has never been more critical to developing next-generation IoT solutions. 

Room 4
Wed 30 13:50h - 14:35h Room 4