Christoph Legat

Principle Software Architect | Hekuma GmbH Hallbergmoos near Munich, Germany
Christoph Legat


Dr. Legat is responsible at Hekuma for architecting the software of special purpose machines, digitization engineering processes and developing digital business models. He is committed in standardizing Smart Manufacturing and artificial intelligence and is leading the DIN SPEC 92222 workshop.


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MF-03 – DIN SPEC 92222: Cloud-to-Cloud Telemetry Federation in Industrie 4.0

Clemens Vasters
Clemens Vasters Microsoft Principal Architect, Messaging Services and Standards
Thomas Usländer
Thomas Usländer Fraunhofer IOSB Head of Department Information Management and Production Control
Christoph Legat
Christoph Legat Hekuma GmbH Principle Software Architect

30-10-2019 11:15 30-10-2019 12:00 Europe/Madrid MF-03 – DIN SPEC 92222: Cloud-to-Cloud Telemetry Federation in Industrie 4.0

In industrial factory automation, the OPC Foundation's Unified Architecture (OPC UA) has fast become the universal interoperability foundation for structuring and accessing metadata and configuration of complex factory systems down to the smallest components, and for flowing state information and telemetry between the components of such systems and providing telemetry and process data into external business and control systems, either on the factory floor or in the cloud. The DIN 92222 standardization effort builds on this foundation and attempts to answer the question how the value proposition of 'product as a service' can be realized for all suppliers in the industrial equipment supply chain: How can the manufacturer of a sensor built into a drive built into a robot that is part of a production cell get access to live telemetry information from its product? How are telemetry streams structured? How are they routed and filtered and split? How are trade secrets protected?

Room 3
Wed 30 11:15h - 12:00h Room 3