Csilla Zsigri

Senior Analyst - Blockchain/DLT | 451 Research Barcelona, Spain
Csilla Zsigri


Csilla is a senior analyst at 451 Research. She currently focuses on decoding the blockchain market to help replace confusion and complexity with an examination of the technology, competitive landscape, available solutions that are driving the market, as well as real-world use cases and deployments.


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BC-24 – Who Are You? What Do You Have and What Do You Know? Verify Your Claims Digitally!

Csilla Zsigri
Csilla Zsigri 451 Research Senior Analyst - Blockchain/DLT
Daniel Field
Daniel Field Atos Head of Blockchain
Luis Carbajo
Luis Carbajo Vutton Founder & CEO
Zaid Mahomedy
Zaid Mahomedy Chainstack Head of Presales and Solutions Architecture

29-10-2019 11:00 29-10-2019 11:45 Europe/Madrid BC-24 – Who Are You? What Do You Have and What Do You Know? Verify Your Claims Digitally!

The use case of trusted credentials is showing up across industries–education, energy & utilities, financial services, government. Blockchain-based systems can be used for verifying certificates, licenses, university degrees, & professional skills. For example, utility companies, in partnership with compliance organizations can implement a blockchain-based credentials system for technicians who go to people’s homes, where physical licenses are replaced by digital ones that can be activated and deactivated by those authorized, and seen, tracked and trusted by all ecosystem participants. In a similar fashion, educational institutions can digitize and secure degrees, qualifications & achievements using blockchain technology. This panel will discuss what has already been implemented, what projects are moving into production, as well as which organizations are driving this and why.

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Tue 29 11:00h - 11:45h Room Blockchain Solutions World