Dmitry Sizemov

Deputy Global CIO | Suek Moscow, Russia
Dmitry Sizemov


Began a career in 2004 as a Manager of regional IT-infrastructure development group in RUSAL. Since 2011 is working at SUEK headquarters on positions of CIO/Deputy CIO responsible for industrial IT


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CT-12 – Intelligent Mines – The Mine of the Future

Dmitry Sizemov
Dmitry Sizemov Suek Deputy Global CIO
Peter Stegmaier
Peter Stegmaier Zyfra Oy Zyfra Mining, Board Member

30-10-2019 14:40 30-10-2019 15:25 Europe/Madrid CT-12 – Intelligent Mines – The Mine of the Future

This session will explore Intelligent Mine, a complex solution for highly efficient, safe, completely unmanned mining technology based on robotics, AI and IoT technologies. The project consists of autonomous heavy trucks, infrastructure including automatic gates, traffic lights and data transmission system, control center with remote operator workplaces and server with FMS for robots to manage and optimize the work. Discover how they have removed people from heavy monotonous work in difficult conditions such as Australia, the Arctic cold of Siberia, low O2 in deep pits, and increased productivity through effective collaboration of equipment, allowing for transfer of staff to comfortable control centers in cities.

Room 1
Wed 30 14:40h - 15:25h Room 1