John Denning

Director | lluvatar CoreX San Francisco, United States of America
John Denning


John has spent two decades improving performance and safety in healthcare. He leads teams that design, develop, & deploy software that is consistently ranked as the best across their categories. He is also part of the small team that was first-ever to pass the iconic Turing Test.


Parallel Session | Congress Healthcare

HC-10 – How to Not Get Duped in your Healthcare IoT Investment

Anwar Parvez
Anwar Parvez Workiva Vice President of Solutions Engineering
John Denning
John Denning lluvatar CoreX Director

30-10-2019 16:35 30-10-2019 17:20 Europe/Madrid HC-10 – How to Not Get Duped in your Healthcare IoT Investment

Health and science startups seem uniquely positioned to fool investors and the public.  Theranos is a well-known example of a risky healthare investment gone wrong, but a handful of other new health and science ventures have raised questions too. In this session, we will present several case studies of IOT in healthcare. And half of them will be totally made up. The audience will be asked to identify which ones are real. 

Room 1
Wed 30 16:35h - 17:20h Room 1