Jun Amano

Senior Vice President | Sourcenext B.V. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jun Amano


The Head of Sales in Europe for POCKETALK.


Parallel Session | Congress Enabling IOT

EI-19 – Enabling Consumer IoT Startups to Reach a Global Audience

David Copeland
David Copeland Vodafone Global Head of Marketplace and Works with V
Riccardo de Grenet
Riccardo de Grenet Sclak Commercial Director
Jun Amano
Jun Amano Sourcenext B.V. Senior Vice President
Michele Frassini
Michele Frassini Vodafone V by Vodafone Sales Strategy Manager CloT

31-10-2019 12:55 31-10-2019 13:40 Europe/Madrid EI-19 – Enabling Consumer IoT Startups to Reach a Global Audience

In this session, IoT startups will be given a guided tour on how they can offer a reliable connectivity solution to their customers via a global network provider. Hear details of how you can leverage the opportunity to be part of something new by joining this global online marketplace and access existing brand, channels and platforms to reaching whole new audiences. Established IoT technology and solution provider will provide an overview of their offerings, that are relevant to the IoT Startups and give insight into how they evaluate which IoT startups to partner with. Case studies of current partnerships with Reolink, Seneca, Pocketalk and Sclak will showcase the challenges they are tackling and their ambitions and expectations

Room 2
Thu 31 12:55h - 13:40h Room 2