Lukasz Paciorkowski

Enterprise Architect | Merck Molsheim, France
Lukasz Paciorkowski


Lukasz is a digital practitioner with focus on Industry 4.0, IoT, Cloud and digital strategy building. He is combining his passion to technology with business and industrial insights to design the Factory of the Future for the bio pharmaceutical sector.


Parallel Session | Congress Healthcare

HC-04 – Industrial Revolution in Drug Discovery & Production

Lukasz Paciorkowski
Lukasz Paciorkowski Merck Enterprise Architect
Jean-Luc Gerling
Jean-Luc Gerling Merck Life Science Senior Solution Manager, compliance and security architect in Software & Automation

29-10-2019 17:30 29-10-2019 18:15 Europe/Madrid HC-04 – Industrial Revolution in Drug Discovery & Production

The Biopharma industry is at a pivot point. Increasing cost pressure and growing regulations require new approach towards research and the production of drugs. Personalized medicine and other market trends demand smaller batches with variable production parameters. To answer the market demand, Merck is rethinking and redesigning every part of the ecosystem, integrating new technologies with industrial automation platforms to deliver game changing capabilities for drug manufacturers. This session will explore the concepts, design principles, challenges and achievements of the interdisciplinary team which is on a mission to revolutionize the way drugs are discovered and produced.

Room 2
Tue 29 17:30h - 18:15h Room 2