Mahesh Chandramouli

Connected Travel Leader | Deloitte Dallas, United States of America
Mahesh Chandramouli


Mahesh brings 18+ years in helping fortune 50 companies turn their vision into reality by creating unique and breath-taking digital experiences for their Airlines, Consumer & Hospitality industry. he helps clients understand and accelerate their adoption by connecting phyiscal and digital worlds.


Keynote Session | Congress Connected Transport

CT-06 – What Does Your Air Travel Look Like in 2040?

Helena Lisachuk
Helena Lisachuk Deloitte Consulting Global Lead, IoT
Glenn Schnieders
Glenn Schnieders Brussels Airport Company Product Manager IoT
Anes Hodzic
Anes Hodzic Airbus Global VP Digital Transformation Officer, Head of Internet of Things
Daniel Tanciar
Daniel Tanciar US Customs and Border Protection Deputy Executive Director
Mahesh Chandramouli
Mahesh Chandramouli Deloitte Connected Travel Leader

30-10-2019 09:00 30-10-2019 09:45 Europe/Madrid CT-06 – What Does Your Air Travel Look Like in 2040?

This hybrid presentation / panel will focus on Future of Air travel and your personal experience as a passenger. Key players in the air travel ecosystem will share their views / strategies and successes to-date on making the passenger journey becoming smart and seamless from arriving to the airport - to boarding the plane to crossing the border to picking up your luggage and arriving home.

Wed 30 09:00h - 09:45h Auditorium