Philipp Bolliger

CEO | Thingstream Zürich, Switzerland
Philipp Bolliger


Philipp Bolliger is the CEO of Thingstream since August 2018. He previously served as Director with Husqvarna Group, establishing a digital team and business. Prior to that and pioneering IoT, Philipp founded and managed Koubachi, an ETH Zurich spin-off. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from ETH.


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MF-13 – AB INBEV Stays Cool in South Africa

Sameer Jooma
Sameer Jooma Anheuser-Busch InBev Director of Innovation & Analytics, Solutions Africa
Philipp Bolliger
Philipp Bolliger Thingstream CEO
Ajay Lalu
Ajay Lalu Consumption Information Real Time - CIRT Founder and Director

29-10-2019 15:50 29-10-2019 16:35 Europe/Madrid MF-13 – AB INBEV Stays Cool in South Africa

This session will explore how the worlds largest brewer, Anheuser-Busch InBevs, South African Brewery, subsidiary set out on an IoT initiative designed to allow them real-time intelligence on the location and condition of their cooler systems, across South Africa under challenging circumstances. Discussion will focus in on the elements of several strategic local and global partnerships that were put in place to ensure seamless, low cost connectivity that would work where-ever and when-ever required, enabling them to rapidly develop the solution and roll it out in the space of weeks. Hear how they achieved the requirements necessary, and are now able to identify cooler asset optimisation and potential maintenance tasks, amongst others to ensure efficiencies and cost savings.

Room 5
Tue 29 15:50h - 16:35h Room 5
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EI-13 – IIOT As a Key Enabler For New Business Models and Revenue Streams

Ken Forster
Ken Forster Momenta Partners Managing Director
Francesco Cattaneo
Francesco Cattaneo Relayr Senior Account Executive
Rafael Salmi
Rafael Salmi Richardson RFPD Global President
Christian Bartsch
Christian Bartsch KraussMaffei Technologies Head of Digital Solutions, Vice President
Philipp Bolliger
Philipp Bolliger Thingstream CEO

30-10-2019 15:30 30-10-2019 16:15 Europe/Madrid EI-13 – IIOT As a Key Enabler For New Business Models and Revenue Streams

IoT can significantly transform how companies develop and sell their products and services, and engage with their customers. These transformations unlock unprecedent opportunities for these companies. Come and hear from our panelists on how IoT affords them the opportunity to create new revenue streams and business models. They will provide specific examples as well as share their transformation journey.

Wed 30 15:30h - 16:15h Auditorium