Pierre-André Galy

Chairman & Cofounder | AXIBIO Saint-Cloud, Ile-de-France, France
Pierre-André Galy


Pierre-André is co-founder of Axibio, a young company providing innovative and connected solutions to municipalities and catering companies to collect, refine and recycle their biowaste into energy (biogas) and fertilizers.


Parallel Session | Congress Buildings & Infrastructure

BI-06 Axibio: Data Orchestration to Evolve from ‘Pay-to-Throw’

Benoit Tournier
Benoit Tournier Sierra Wireless Marketing Director – Mobile IoT Solutions
Pierre-André Galy
Pierre-André Galy AXIBIO Chairman & Cofounder

30-10-2019 15:30 30-10-2019 16:15 Europe/Madrid BI-06 Axibio: Data Orchestration to Evolve from ‘Pay-to-Throw’

Due to European waste regulation, municipalities will soon have the obligation to increase recyclability of organic wastes, provide each household with separated bio-waste collectors and recover energy from bio-waste (either as compost or as bio-gas). This session will explore how Axibio, a company that offers innovative and pragmatic solutions to meet the environmental challenges posed by food waste, developed a solution based on bio-waste collector and logistics from bin to energy production center, with an innovative traceability to incentivize households to receive rewards from their municipality for their “green” behaviour and contribution to the circular economy.

Room 3
Wed 30 15:30h - 16:15h Room 3