Ricky Branner

Director Business Development | Intel Portland, United States of America
Ricky Branner


Ricky has been driving Intel innovation and solutions for the last seven years across client, data center and IoT. Before joining Intel, Ricky was a 25 year veteran with Xerox technology, where he directed product delivery and business P&L across engineering, marketing, and operations.


Parallel Session | Congress Connected Transport

CT-01 – Panel: Trends in Technology for Customers in Connected Transport

Mark Kraeling
Mark Kraeling GE Transportation Product Architect
Helena Lisachuk
Helena Lisachuk Deloitte Consulting Global Lead, IoT
Ricky Branner
Ricky Branner Intel Director Business Development
Sven Schrecker
Sven Schrecker LHP Engineering Services VP of Cyber Security
Said Tabet
Said Tabet Dell Technologies Chief Architect, Emerging Technologies & Ecosystems, CTO Office

29-10-2019 12:05 29-10-2019 12:50 Europe/Madrid CT-01 – Panel: Trends in Technology for Customers in Connected Transport

This moderated, yet totally unscripted, panel of participants will interact heavily with the audience to discuss the newest trends, previous successes and failures, and future of IoT as it relates to Connected Transportation. Attendees in the session can prod for practical aspects around engaging in new IoT technology, developing IoT adoption models, and what to watch.

Tue 29 12:05h - 12:50h Auditorium