Robert Schmid

Chief IoT Technologist | Deloitte San Francisco, United States of America
Robert Schmid


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DK-01 – Advanced Technologies – Help or Hindrance? A Human Perspective

Robert Schmid
Robert Schmid Deloitte Chief IoT Technologist
Mark Cotteleer
Mark Cotteleer Deloitte Services Executive Director of Center for Integrated Research
Helena Lisachuk
Helena Lisachuk Deloitte Consulting Global Lead, IoT
Michael Godoy
Michael Godoy University of California Program Director, Telemedicine and Scalable Therapeutics

29-10-2019 09:45 29-10-2019 10:15 Europe/Madrid DK-01 – Advanced Technologies – Help or Hindrance? A Human Perspective

From facial recognition tracking us, to AI taking over human work, to overall issues of data privacy, recent headlines have made much about all there is to fear from technology. In this panel, we take a step back to examine where – and if – that fear actually exists. Examining the results of a global survey, we will explore individuals’ feelings about the effects specific technologies have on their lives and careers – do they expect help or hindrance? The discussion will highlight survey results and engage with experts on technology, humans, and society to form a basis for understanding and a road map for managing technology anxiety (or enthusiasm!).

Tue 29 09:45h - 10:15h Auditorium