Sandy Carielli

Principal Analyst | Forrester Research Cambridge, United States of America
Sandy Carielli


Sandy Carielli has spent over a dozen years in cybersecurity, focusing on identity, PKI, key management, cryptography and security management. Sandy has spoken at multiple security conferences and co-authored the IIC’s IoT Security Maturity Model.


Parallel Session | Congress Enabling IOT

EI-02 – Applying and Extending the IoT Security Maturity Model

Ron Zahavi
Ron Zahavi Microsoft Chief Strategist for IoT Standards, Azure IoT
Sandy Carielli
Sandy Carielli Forrester Research Principal Analyst

29-10-2019 15:50 29-10-2019 16:35 Europe/Madrid EI-02 – Applying and Extending the IoT Security Maturity Model

The IoT Security Maturity Model (SMM) helps organizations set security maturity targets and regularly undergo assessments against those targets. Join two of the SMM authors as they discuss the model's design, how to apply the model to industry, and how to extend it beyond security. Learn about the SMM through exploration of a case study.

Tue 29 15:50h - 16:35h Auditorium