Saurabh Thapliyal

Head of Data Science | Esurance an Allstate Company San Francisco, United States of America
Saurabh Thapliyal


Dr. Thapliyal is an AI/ML technology and business leader in both B2B and B2C applications in the IoT, supply chain, Insurance and Process industries. These include NLP and image processing for Claims settlement, connected car use cases, digital twin services, asset monitoring and anomaly detection.


Parallel Session | Congress Enabling IOT

EI-17 – Enabling Industrial IoT for Accelerated Outcomes

Shyam Varan Nath
Shyam Varan Nath Oracle Corporation Director, Enterprise Cloud Architect
Saurabh Thapliyal
Saurabh Thapliyal Esurance an Allstate Company Head of Data Science
Vineet Sinha
Vineet Sinha Johnson Controls International plc Director and GM of Connected Assets and Smart Building Solutions
Aldo Boitano
Aldo Boitano CTO eGreen
Federico Ruiz
Federico Ruiz Mobile World Capìtal Head of the 5G National Observatory

29-10-2019 16:40 29-10-2019 17:25 Europe/Madrid EI-17 – Enabling Industrial IoT for Accelerated Outcomes

This Panel will discuss how Industrial IoT is being enabled in different sectors of the industry from Buildings, to Manufacturing to Transportation. These enabling technologies are helping to accelerate the outcomes for the organizations and end users. The Panelist will share examples of this enablement of IoT and Digital Transformation from their own industry sectors. The attendees will be able to relate these to their own IoT journeys. The interactive format of the Panel will allow attendees of ask questions and pose their own scenarios for discussion during the Q&A.

Tue 29 16:40h - 17:25h Auditorium