Shiv Malik

Head of Communications | Streamr London, United Kingdom
Shiv Malik


Shiv Malik is a former Guardian investigative ​journalist, author of two books and a co-founder of the Intergenerational Foundation think tank. He currently evanglises about a new decentralised data economy for the open source project Streamr.


Parallel Session | Congress Blockchain Solutions World

BC-13 – Monetizing Data from IoT and Blockchain Solutions

Neil Shepherd
Neil Shepherd Boston Consulting Group Associate Director
Jake Gostylo
Jake Gostylo Dun & Bradstreet Director of Content Innovation
Praneeth Srikanti
Praneeth Srikanti Consensys Investment Principal
Shiv Malik
Shiv Malik Streamr Head of Communications
Szabolcs Hargittay
Szabolcs Hargittay Hargittay and Toth Law Office Attorney at Law
Vincent Bultot
Vincent Bultot Databroker Dao Blockchain Client Solutions Manager & Data Matchmaker

30-10-2019 11:50 30-10-2019 12:35 Europe/Madrid BC-13 – Monetizing Data from IoT and Blockchain Solutions

IoT solutions are generating more and more data. This data is being collected and stored in blockchain systems. These blockchain systems are now allowing individuals to have control over their data in a way that hasn't happened before. This panel of experts will explore how consumers can monetize their data without giving up their privacy.

Room Blockchain Solutions World
Wed 30 11:50h - 12:35h Room Blockchain Solutions World