Shyam Varan Nath

Director, Enterprise Cloud Architect | Oracle Corporation Pleasaton, CA, United States of America
Shyam Varan Nath


Shyam is author of the book on IIoT titled 'Architecting the Industrial Internet.' His expertise involves Industrial IoT, Cloud Computing, AI/ML and Blockchain. He has worked on driving Digital Transformation at several large companies. Shyam is part of Program Committee of IoTSWC.


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W3 – Enabling the IoT Startups Workshop

Jesse DeMesa
Jesse DeMesa Momenta Partners Managing Partner
Shyam Varan Nath
Shyam Varan Nath Oracle Corporation Director, Enterprise Cloud Architect
Arila Barnes
Arila Barnes AXM Software LLC Managing Director
Sastry Malladi
Sastry Malladi Foghorn CTO
Alberto Valero
Alberto Valero Titan Fire System Technical Department
Paul de Curnou
Paul de Curnou Sternum IoT Director, North America
Rabi Chakraborty
Rabi Chakraborty SAS IOTIED
David Copeland
David Copeland Vodafone Global Head of Marketplace and Works with V
Rob Brown
Rob Brown Jitsuin Co-founder & VP Marketing
Ali Soy
Ali Soy Digital Republic Co-Founder & Managing Director
Steve Baker
Steve Baker The Technology Partnership Technology and Product Development

28-10-2019 13:00 28-10-2019 16:00 Europe/Madrid W3 – Enabling the IoT Startups Workshop

The success of Industrial IoT depends on the collaboration with the entire ecosystem. In this session, IoT startups will showcase the challenges they are tackling and the success stories of their accomplishments. Established IoT technology and solution providers will provide an overview of their offerings, that are relevant to the IoT Startups. The venture arm of these companies and other VC firms will highlight on how they evaluate IoT startups and how best to work with them.  The goal is to allow discovery of avenues for collaborations between the IoT startups and other stakeholders in the Ecosystem.

CC1 - Room 1.3
Mon 28 13:00h - 16:00h CC1 - Room 1.3
Parallel Session | Congress Enabling IOT

EI-17 – Enabling Industrial IoT for Accelerated Outcomes

Shyam Varan Nath
Shyam Varan Nath Oracle Corporation Director, Enterprise Cloud Architect
Saurabh Thapliyal
Saurabh Thapliyal Esurance an Allstate Company Head of Data Science
Vineet Sinha
Vineet Sinha Johnson Controls International plc Director and GM of Connected Assets and Smart Building Solutions
Aldo Boitano
Aldo Boitano CTO eGreen
Federico Ruiz
Federico Ruiz Mobile World Capìtal Head of the 5G National Observatory

29-10-2019 16:40 29-10-2019 17:25 Europe/Madrid EI-17 – Enabling Industrial IoT for Accelerated Outcomes

This Panel will discuss how Industrial IoT is being enabled in different sectors of the industry from Buildings, to Manufacturing to Transportation. These enabling technologies are helping to accelerate the outcomes for the organizations and end users. The Panelist will share examples of this enablement of IoT and Digital Transformation from their own industry sectors. The attendees will be able to relate these to their own IoT journeys. The interactive format of the Panel will allow attendees of ask questions and pose their own scenarios for discussion during the Q&A.

Tue 29 16:40h - 17:25h Auditorium
General Audience | Congress Enabling IOT

EI-06 – Enabling Digital Transformation with IoT: A Panel Discussion

Shyam Varan Nath
Shyam Varan Nath Oracle Corporation Director, Enterprise Cloud Architect
Andre Barneveld Binkhuysen
Andre Barneveld Binkhuysen Deloitte Partner
Zoya Alexeeva
Zoya Alexeeva Garrett Motion Inc. Digital and IT Strategy Director
Jason Shepherd
Jason Shepherd Dell Technologies CTO, IoT and Edge Computing

30-10-2019 12:05 30-10-2019 12:50 Europe/Madrid EI-06 – Enabling Digital Transformation with IoT: A Panel Discussion

This panel will showcase how companies, across various industry sectors, are using IoT technologies to enable their digital transformation. Discover how different enabling technologies are being deployed for end-to-end IoT solutions and learn how these companies measure the outcomes from these deployments.

Wed 30 12:05h - 12:50h Auditorium
Parallel Session | Congress Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Systems Forum

AI-24 – Panel Discussion: The Future of AI

Edy Liongosari
Edy Liongosari Accenture Labs Chief Research Scientist
Wael William Diab
Wael William Diab Vice President, AI, IoT Standardization and Strategy (Futurewei Technologies) - Chair (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42 Artificial Intelligence)
Mark Crawford
Mark Crawford SAP Director, Standards Strategy
Tilak Kasturi
Tilak Kasturi Predii CEO
Shyam Varan Nath
Shyam Varan Nath Oracle Corporation Director, Enterprise Cloud Architect
K. Eric Harper
K. Eric Harper ABB Corporate Research Senior Principal Scientist

31-10-2019 13:00 31-10-2019 13:45 Europe/Madrid AI-24 – Panel Discussion: The Future of AI

Artificial Intelligence is enabling new and emerging aspects of digital business -- from basic and applied research, data and digital infrastructure, industrialization, forecasting, decision making, customer interaction to ethical behavior and regulatory policy and oversight, and this is just beginning. Our panel of experts, taking into account the presentations and panels from this week, will be sharing their perspective on the Future of Artificial Intelligence from a business perspective: where it is heading in the next 3 years and beyond, what aspects of business will be more impacted than others, what challenges business will be facing, and how to best prepare for it.

Room AI & Cognitive System Forum
Thu 31 13:00h - 13:45h Room AI & Cognitive System Forum