Sylwia Kechiche

Principal Analyst for IoT | GSMA London, United Kingdom
Sylwia Kechiche


As the principal IoT analyst in GSMA Intelligence, Sylwia is leading IoT product development. Her responsibilities range from sizing the IoT opportunity, including the role of operators, to researching and analyzing IoT technologies, applications and business models.


Parallel Session - Sponsor | Congress Enabling IOT

EI-15 – Implementing IoT Security – Meet The Industry & Regulatory Bodies Driving Change

Kevin Gillick
Kevin Gillick GlobalPlatform Executive Director
Eliot Lear
Eliot Lear CISCO
Gil Bernabeu
Gil Bernabeu GlobalPlatform Technical Director
Evangelos Ouzounis
Evangelos Ouzounis ENISA Head of Secure Infrastructure & Services Unit
Tim Polk
Tim Polk NIST Computer Scientist at the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE)
Sylwia Kechiche
Sylwia Kechiche GSMA Principal Analyst for IoT

30-10-2019 12:05 30-10-2019 12:50 Europe/Madrid EI-15 – Implementing IoT Security – Meet The Industry & Regulatory Bodies Driving Change

To open the session, GlobalPlatform will briefly launch IoTopia – a common, cross-industry practical implementation guide for standardizing the baseline design, certification, deployment & lifecycle management of secure IoT devices. IoTopia is built on four pillars – secure by design; device intent; autonomous, scalable and secure onboarding; and device lifecycle management – and gives device makers a blueprint for how to build secure devices without having to become cybersecurity experts. Following that, GlobalPlatform, GSMA, ENISA and NIST will debate the key cybersecurity and regulatory challenges facing the IoT ecosystem. Each of the independent bodies will bring forward insights from key vertical sectors and geographies, outline their key priorities to bring trust to IoT and discuss what they would like to see from IoT security implementation guides like IoTopia.

Room 2
Wed 30 12:05h - 12:50h Room 2