Þórhallur Tolli Einisson

Program Manager - Connected Business | Marel Reykjavik, Iceland
Þórhallur Tolli Einisson


Tolli Einisson is a Program Manager at Marel and spends most of his time there working on IoT based projects for the food processing industry. Tolli has an extensive career in software development with many Fortune 500 companies.


Parallel Session | Congress Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Systems Forum

AI-23 – The Pivotal Role of AI and ML on Marel’s Road to Industry 4.0

Edward Voermans
Edward Voermans Marel IoT Technology Architect
Þórhallur Tolli Einisson
Þórhallur Tolli Einisson Marel Program Manager - Connected Business

31-10-2019 12:10 31-10-2019 12:55 Europe/Madrid AI-23 – The Pivotal Role of AI and ML on Marel’s Road to Industry 4.0

Marel is the leading global provider of advanced processing systems and services to the Poultry, Meat and Fish industries, with a strategic objective of bringing their advanced, automated systems and solutions to every step of the production process and covering the relevant geographical areas in their industries. Knowing where and why to use AI and ML has helped propel Marel forward in industry. Join us to take a deep dive into how AI and ML were deployed in several use cases from Marel’s road to Industry 4.0. Discover the possibilities of AI and ML and how you can incorporate them into your corporate initiatives to help drive the next decade of possibility.

Room AI & Cognitive System Forum
Thu 31 12:10h - 12:55h Room AI & Cognitive System Forum