Toni Manzano

Co-founder, CSO and R&D Director | Bigfinite Barcelona, Spain
Toni Manzano


Co-founder and CSO of Bigfinite. Member of the scientific committee of the PDA Europe, AI Xavier Manufacturing Core Team Member and SME in the Spanish Parliament on big data and artificial intelligence. He teaches Big Data and AI at the University (UAB and Xavier University of Cincinnati).


Parallel Session | Congress Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Systems Forum

AI-22 – IoT and AI in Pharma

Toni Manzano
Toni Manzano Bigfinite Co-founder, CSO and R&D Director
Kasper Malthe Larsen
Kasper Malthe Larsen Novo Nordisk Chief Technology Architect – Global IT – Manufacturing

31-10-2019 10:55 31-10-2019 11:40 Europe/Madrid AI-22 – IoT and AI in Pharma

The biotech and pharmaceutical industries work following the same rules as other manufacturing sectors but are required to comply with specific regulated principles. Innovation is part of the soul of pharma but it must always be implemented considering the patient’s safety. From data acquisition to decision making and knowledge acquisition, all the processes and elements involved must be validated when they affect drug production. IoT is the critical technology, positioned at the beginning of the knowledge chain, that provides a raw source of information. Its implementation must comply with data integrity criteria in order to be accepted in AI models that leverage human capabilities for better process understanding. We will present some real experiences of IoT and AI in biotech-pharma, describing the benefits and the dark side of this journey in NovoNordisk.

Room AI & Cognitive System Forum
Thu 31 10:55h - 11:40h Room AI & Cognitive System Forum